<h1><br></h1><h1>Introduction</h1>As opposed to <a href="http://blue-c.ethz.ch/">blue-c-I</a>, where applications are being developed based on new technologies, blue-c-II research&nbsp;is highly driven by application-specific needs, specifically for collaboration, data handling and sharing, as well as for interaction in large-scaled areas.<br>
<p>Therefore, the focus of blue-c-II is to investigate and develop fundamental methods for collaboration environments and multi-modal acquisition and interaction with large and complex physical environments comprising interactive, view-independent 2D and 3D video, display technology, and natural and non-intrusive interaction. Cameras and projectors will be integrated in large scenes or in productive, office-like environments. </p>
<p style="TEXT-ALIGN: left">While blue-c-I was aimed at building technical setups and integrating all technologies into a single prototype system, blue-c-II will primarily focus on algorithmic aspects and concepts&nbsp;of representation, interaction, control, display, handling and management of data emerging from collaboration environments or large-scale areas, with applications as diverse as surveillance, tele-education, tele-training, and distributed product design.<br></p>
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