The following technology work packages are investigated in blue-c-II:

  • Collaboration platform: This work package investigates a modular hardware concept for local and remote collaboration. It includes the design and setup of a hardware prototype featuring gaze awareness in video conferences, and integrated video and data conferencing.
  • Gesture recognition: This work package is focused on video-based interaction techniques for tracking a personís movements and subsequent interpretation to learned gestures. Recognition can be used to trigger actions linked to them, for instance. As a practical example, a pen-based interaction metaphor allows to easily move displayed objects from one local interactive workspace to another local or remote workspace.
  • View-independent video: This work packages explores real-time view-independent video. The developed methods can be used to further improve gaze awareness and presence on collaboration platforms. View-independent video focuses on collaboration partners and their local environments.
  • 3D video: In three-dimensional video, multi-view video data is used to re-render dynamic real-world events from arbitrary novel viewpoints.The developed 3D video systems can be used to visualize complex and dynamic real-world scenes in 3D (e.g. industrial installations, ordinary rooms).
  • Interaction toolbox: This work package develops a hardware and software framework for the design of gesture-based interactions for new computional environments. A core contribution of this workpackge is the combination of both visual sensors and body sensors in the spirit of sensor fusion to support conventional GUI interactions as well as gesture-based interactions. 

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