3D video acquisition studio [ Image ] 3D video acquisition [ Video (AVI) ] 3D Video Editing 
[ Video (AVI)


Gesture recognition: [ Video (AVI) ]

Video view interpolation: Video showing a virtual view sweeping between two real camera positions [Video (AVI) ]

Viewpoint Selection : Example video, showing the viewpoint selection in action for an instruction video for the installation of a printer  [ Video (AVI) ]


Video showing the interactive planning of a plant. The different machines can be simply dragged within the collab Studio Software via icons on a floor projection. In parallel the current confirguation is shown in a 3D visualisation software.

 [Video (SWF)]


Workpackage 2 designs large scale applications based on blue-c-ii technologies. Based on the generalistic view of an architect, the following scenarious show simulations of services in video-enhances buildings.

(Video: MP4/Quicktime, HDTV-version available upon request from the author)

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