The following application work packages are investigated in blue-c-II:

  • Data handling: The goal of this work package is to support the collaborative process of co-located and remote teamwork within collaboration platforms. It focuses on data-handling in order to elaborate, collect, share and interact with data and, hence, it tries to improve the efficiency as well as the effectiveness of the collaborative and interdisciplinary product design process.
  • Video privacy: This work package examines how a level of privacy can be introduced in video surveilled areas. By combining videostreams with cryptography, a system can be built that allows people within such areas to restrict access to images taken from them. A certain region of a video stream can be obscured and encrypted by using tracking or positional information of people in rooms.
  • Video-enhanced spaces: In this work package visionary application scenarios are developed for blue-c-II technology mainly in the context of ETH’s lecture halls. Besides this, a qualified feedback from practice to the overall research group will be given to incrementally improve the technologies relevance for practical use. As output there will be user studies and documentations, supported by multimedia mock-ups, calculations and assessments of the technological and formal impact.

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