Video privacy

The project examines how cryptographic systems can be used to introduce a level of privacy in video surveilled areas. Digital video cameras are getting more and more numerous and since several years cameras with builtin TCP/IP connectivity are available. Combined with radio frequency based identification mechanisms it will eventually be possible to completely surveille a person. Especially storing the information gathered and semi-automatically retrieving of this data will be possible. The individual will not have much control over what happens with the video footage taken of him.

In this context the project uses state of the art cryptographic technologies to enable a person to control access to her video. As default any part of the video showing a specific person is obscured. However the video of the person is still available but protected by this very persons personal (cryptographic) key. The person herself can grant or revoke access to this protected video.

Besides building a prototype installation for such a system the research focuses on the evolution of public and private spaces in relation to changing surveillance technologies. Special interest is given to the evolving technology of IP based building automation and it's consequences for surveillance systems.

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